As TEKNOMAK, we have a strong and reliable influence in our industry. The value we give to labor and employess and the conscious effort we show in providing customer satisfaction is expanding our sphere of influence day by day.

Today, we continue our production activities in a total area of 37000 square meters where 22000 of it is closed area.

As we developed and grew, we added our high awareness of doing business and our dreams for the future to the increase in the number of our employees. Today this number reached to 302. 89 of our employees are white collar and 213 are blue collar. Our female employees constitute 47% of our administrative personnel. Equality of opportunity and gender equality and freedom of belief are indispensable for us.

The meaning of working with us is; to develop, transform and protect the entrepreneurial spirit at all times. The proverb “working iron shines” is our motto. Our path is illuminated by the light of hardworking individuals. "Join us". Witness the importance and functioning of being human.

Shall we build the road that started with ourselves and countinues with business life together?

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