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The basis of our TEKNOMAK Design Center activities are products and services that focus on contributing to the innovation power, that provides competitive advantage to the Brand thus fulfilling the current and future needs of our customers.

For this purpose, we started our adventure of Design Center approved by the Ministry of Industry in December 2018. Under the roof of the Design Center, we increase our R&D and innovation investments day by day, and contribute to the innovation culture of our Brand, in line with our innovative approach.

As TEKNOMAK Design Center, we use national and international funding sources in our R&D and Innovation oriented projects in line with the needs of our projects. With this power, we develop effective and value-creating university-industry collaborations, and aim to create patent and utility model-based technology together. In this way, we develop our R&D and innovation ecosystem.

As the TEKNOMAK family, we are always open to new ideas and change. In this context, we develop products tailored to customer needs and comply with international standards, also contribute to more efficient and sustainable production. To make both us and our customers more competitive, we put customer and market needs at the forefront in our designs. We take care to focus our R&D studies on these areas by closely following sectoral developments and technology, transferring our technical knowledge and experience to product development. We identify new products that the industry will need in the coming years. In addition, we contribute to our competitiveness with our continuous improvement studies in production lines.