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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing


Lean is the idea of improving a situation in every way.

It provides these improvements by reducing waste and making the improvement cycle continuous, while maintaining the pure value of the product.

The basis of “Lean” is to respect people. Based on this point, from our offices to manufacturing, we keep the occupational health and safety on top for all of our employees.

Our goal is to produce the value we create as TEKNOMAK in the most possible “Lean” way. On the way to our goal, we have analyzed our manufacturing processes based on quality, process and supply, bringed them into the just-in-time production cycle, eliminated non-value-added activities and met the needs of our teams. When we researched the question of what we can do to achieve all of these, we met with “Lean” and took it as our duty to constantly improve ourselves.

As the TEKNOMAK brand, we have placed Lean in our minds first. We have simplified our life and way of thinking. With this new way of thinking, we have started to build a Lean System. Afterwards, we have integrated this Lean System to our production lines.

Our task in the Lean process is to meet customers expectations on time, to produce the product the customers want and in the quality they want.

The adventure, which started with increasing customer satisfaction also increased the satisfaction of our employees and brought profit to our brand by reducing our costs.

We have made this methodology a part of our brand by establishing a “Lean” office. Within this brand, we have found and will continue to find solutions to keep developing and improving ourselves, reduce costs and eliminate waste.

We will walk to the future with Lean.