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Who Are We?

Who Are We?



We established our brand in 1997, as a representative of the world wide known road equipments brands are from the different countries of the world and known with its experience and their quality.

We had two separate companies, TEKNOMAK Machinery and TEKNOMAK Manufacturing. Our first production was started at a little atelier at Ostim a relatively small industrial zone in capital Ankara. After 10 years following our establishment, the increasing of our production capacity caused us to primarily build our own building at Ostim and addition to this building create new production fields.

In 2010 , the shown expertise and continuous development of our brand was crowned with the partnership offer of Ammann company asphalt plant manufacturer known all around the world. As TEKNOMAK Machinery we signed our partnership with Ammann company, on the other side we continued our way as TEKNOMAK Manufacturing independent but with supplier role to Ammann. In 2017 we moved to Baskent Organized Industrial Zone because of increased level of production.

We are extending our service and abilities not only in Turkey but also in lots of other countries with our experience, our great vision intended to communicate with different markets, our infrastructure and qualified production. We will keep on existing in sector, by the transfer of our structure which is open to development, our ambition to learn and produce, our excitment as in the first day and our discipline we protect with our devotion for generations.