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As TEKNOMAK Industry and Trade INC. our basic policy is to remain as the leader in service quality beyond numerical targets by providing services in domestic and international regions in the asphalt sector and to keep developing ourselves further every year.

Why Quality is Important?

  • Quality control and assurance securing product quality is the determination and assurance of product quality from design to distribution and also after distribution. Achieving quality requires regular and systematic work. As TEKNOMAK, our main goal in production is to produce high quality products and to ensure the sustainability of it. Furthermore, it is to secure processes by providing products to our customers that would always meet their needs at a high quality level.
  • We have certified our products in many areas, including CE certificates, TSE Production Conformity Certificates, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN 1090, EN ISO 3834, Domestic Goods Certificates and Manufacturing Competence Certificate in order to ensure quality assurance sustainability.

Our Quality Policy

  • Our Quality Management System includes documenting, certifying and improving continuously in accordance with ISO 9001 by acting in line with company principles and corporate identity,
  • Our targets in all processes are in line with continuous improvement approach to increase the productivity to compete in the global market,
  • Raising the awareness of quality in all employees and targets of the company with team spirit,
  • Organizing trainings for our employees to enhance their technical and behavioral abilities with innovative and creative approaches in order for them to transform into individuals who are capable of using their skills as best as they could. With this way, they can provide products and services beyond the expectation of our customers.

Quality for Us

  • To provide near-perfect production
  • To ensure the sustainability of quality
  • To keep customer and personnel satisfaction at the highest level at all times
  • To implement trainings and procedures that will be effective for better quality and to encourage our personnel for these.
  • To integrate quality with developing technology.
  • To identify the risks and opportunities that may affect the quality management system.