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Production and Automation

Production and Automation Awareness in Our Brand


Technology;facilitates, systematizes and improves our present and future. Together with these competencies, it is the absolute need of a productive industry.

As TEKNOMAK, we prepare the projects of the process stages according to your demands with the electrical-automation team in house and provide services to make your facilities easy to manage. We aim for intelligent, flexible, high-performance control systems that uses data analysis and reporting processes, controlling every step of production with the most innovative solutions according to your expectations. By carefully planning our projects, we offer turnkey products in line with our quality standards at every stage from production to delivery.

Production - Automation Projects Management and Process Applications

  • Analysis of our customers’ system needs, special solutions and the most innovative project design suitable for their needs.
  • Designing all manufactured products in special 3D programs and presenting the necessary analyzes with one-to-one modeling, taking into account the working environments. Determining all the problems that may be encountered in the construction site environment on a product basis and producing perfect products.
  • Collection and reporting of production data with simultaneous management control and recipe applications using facility-based and single-unit-based control interface.
  • Aiming to reduce the customer workload by testing all mechanical and electrical components before shipment, gaining the sensitivity to prevent possible delays and reaching the most accurate quality level.
  • With the foresight of a sustainable system; Developing advantageous Scada strategy.
  • To realize fast delivery by applying Lean Production consciousness at every stage of production.

Support with User Training and User Manuals

  • To introduce the products to the operators who will use the facility and to support them with applied training.
  • Performing the first process with the user, answering the questions about the system and solving the problems.
  • To provide fast and easy access to the desired information by determining the reference point about the products with our user guides.
  • To be in constant communication with the online system support.

Continuous Improvement and Transformation

  • To monitor the performance of our Production and Automation system and to stay up to date with our goal of becoming better.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by listening to customer demands and to keep the facilities up-to-date with the awareness of developing technology..
  • By integrating production methods with the latest developments in computers; Autonomy in production, more economical production, more efficient products and production in a shorter time..
  • To reconcile our productivity increase target with technology..
  • To use the latest generation machines and technologies in production with the perception of “Smart Factory” in our sector, to reduce the workforce to a minimum, to raise the high goal of producing environmentally friendly and quality products with smart mechanization..
  • To provide trainings to our employees in order to provide quality hardware and software and to support them in their development.

Gaining customer satisfaction is one of the most important missions of our company. Therefore, while working in close cooperation with our customers in our project processes we offer our vision based on the experience we have gained from many important projects that we have undertaken in various countries of the world. Thus, while we lead the way in maintaining the integrity of the project, we can also act as an intermediary for the customer we serve to move up in quality. We can facilitate business processes by our systems suitable for Industry 4.0 infrastructure. We are able to share with our customers high quality products, hardware, projects and software that can lead to labor, time and cost savings.