General Information

Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant is for mixing SBS polymer or crumbed rubber with raw bitumen. It includes hoppers, screw conveyors and mixing tanks. Polymer pellets can make single or multiple passes through a high shear mill that cuts them into very small pieces for optimum blending.

Plant Capacity

• Up to 20 t/h or 40 t/h with double high shear mill,

Fraction percentage based upon the plant capacity;

• Bitumen: 95 % at 180 °C
• Polymer: 5 % in pellet or powder form
• Rubber: 12% steel free recycled rubber


• Electric or Thermic oil,


• Two mixing-processing tanks for desired number of passes,
• Load-cell weighing system,
• Special design to prevent sticking of particles inside the tank,
• Container fit design for easy assembly and transport,

Other Advantages

• Adjustable cutting range for different applications,
• Water cooling system for longer seal life,
• Wide variety of options such latex, sulphur, big bag silo
• CE certified design and production,

Control System

• Fully automatic operation control system,
• Statistical data and real-time monitoring.