General Information

DrumTEK is for melting the bitumen in solid form. The unit is combined with HeatTEK thermic oil heater. It is the perfect solution for customers who have easier access to bitumen supply in drums/big bags. The discharge pump, hydraulic unit/crane and control unit is mounted on the unit and there is bottom reservoir for the bitumen to be heated to required discharge temperature.


• Up to 10 t/h melting capacity,
• 26-30 drum, 2 big bag capacity,
• Up to 10 -ton bitumen storage,

Other Advantages

• Hydraulically powered drum loading mechanism,
• Separate heating line for each chamber,
• Dedicated crane for big bag version,
• 50 m3 /h capacity discharge pump,
• Designed for easy relocation,
• 50 mm rockwool insulation,
• CE certified design and production.