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Tips From the Technical Team

About Managing Projects at TEKNOMAK:

  • "Join TEKNOMAK's project management team and discover the power of effective planning, execution, and collaboration to drive innovation and success."
  • "At TEKNOMAK, we use the project management cycle methodology to drive successful project outcomes every time."
  • "Join TEKNOMAK's project management team and be part of a culture that values effective planning, execution, and continuous improvement using the project management cycle methodology."
  • "Project management cycle methodology helps us ensure that our projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of our customers at TEKNOMAK."
  • "Project management cycle methodology is a cornerstone of our project management philosophy at TEKNOMAK, driving excellence, collaboration, and innovation."

Testing Innovation and New Ideas at TEKNOMAK:

  • "Innovation is our middle name, and testing new ideas is our game at TEKNOMAK."
  • "TEKNOMAK is the perfect playground for testing new ideas and transforming them into reality."
  • "Let TEKNOMAK be your innovation partner and testing ground for new idea.”
  • "TEKNOMAK is the place to be for tech enthusiasts who love testing new ideas."
  • "At TEKNOMAK, we believe in testing new ideas to unlock new potentials for our clients."
  • "Don't just imagine the future, test your new ideas with TEKNOMAK and make it happen."
  • "At TEKNOMAK, we know that testing new ideas is the key to staying ahead of the competition."
  • "Innovation never stops at TEKNOMAK, where testing new ideas is the norm."

Being an Industrial Engineer at TEKNOMAK:

  • "At TEKNOMAK, industrial engineering is about more than just optimizing processes, it's about testing new ideas to revolutionize the industry."
  • "TEKNOMAK's industrial engineers are constantly challenging the status quo by testing new ideas and striving for excellence."
  • "Industrial engineering is all about testing new ideas, and TEKNOMAK is the perfect place to do it."
  • "Join TEKNOMAK's industrial engineering team and discover the power of testing new ideas to drive innovation and success."
  • "Transform your vision into reality as an industrial engineer at TEKNOMAK, where testing new ideas is key to success."
  • "TEKNOMAK's industrial engineers are catalysts for change, constantly testing new ideas to improve performance and processes."
  • "Join the TEKNOMAK team and be part of a company that values testing new ideas and pushing the limits of innovation."
  • The Design Center stands shoulder to shoulder in every task, where every mistake is actually considered an experience, frivolous ideas are embodied by letting you step on the ground, the race between personnel is experienced with who shares more information rather than who has more information.”
  • Technical team is the BRAIN of production The manufacturing team is the HEART of production We cannot be WE without ONE.
  • We shape the future with our engineering power.
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  • The only way to progress on this path opened by Atatürk is through production. Production means TEKNOMAK.
  • The future of our roads is safe with TEKNOMAK.
  • TEKNOMAK determines the future in asphalt.
  • If you buy TEKNOMAK product, no need to think about the end of the road.
  • No where is far with TEKNOMAK.
  • Only TEKNOMAK will do again.
  • TEKNOMAK is the passion for the perfection of the product.
  • Lean solutions, perfect futures.
  • Defect-free products, right steps, thinking people, perfect tomorrows.
  • Lean steps forward.
  • By recognizing and correcting the mistakes of the past, learning and developing into the future.
  • Firm steps by working with lean.
  • Mistakes are the past Gemba just in time, In the perfect future.
  • We see the error on spot and look for the solution everywhere. We work with lean thinking.
  • To the future with thoughts that create value, people who add value, and lean steps.

Lean Manufacturing

  • “Lean” are lights on the path to the destination.
  • From lean thinking to lean ways.
  • Future; now, as a team and alone.
  • The targeted future is possible with Lean.
  • Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • Think lean, produce flawlessly, add value to your future.
  • Lean Manufacturing: Don't strive, heal and progress every day.
  • An error-free and waste-free production is not a dream: Lean Production.
  • Join in developing our future and your future.

Lean Manufacturing at TEKNOMAK:

  • "At TEKNOMAK, lean manufacturing is more than just a buzzword, it's a way of life that empowers our team to excel."
  • "Lean manufacturing is the cornerstone of TEKNOMAK's success, driving efficiency and excellence in everything we do."
  • "TEKNOMAK's lean manufacturing philosophy empowers employees to continuously improve and strive for excellence."
  • "Lean manufacturing is the key to TEKNOMAK's success, enabling us to meet customer needs faster, better, and more efficiently."
  • "Lean manufacturing is not just a process, it's a mindset that enables us to continuously improve and excel at TEKNOMAK."
  • "Join the TEKNOMAK lean Manufacturing team and experience the transformative power of lean manufacturing to drive business success."
  • "At TEKNOMAK, we believe that lean manufacturing is the key to unlocking new potentials and driving long-term success."