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Logistics and Supply

Logistics and Supply

“TEKNOMAK is the the address for those who want to be right on their own path”
Search fast, find quality, deliver safely"
A person without a goal is a useless person.
The only way to move forward without wasting time is to have huge goals.
Quality production starts with effective supply.
Our aim with the global and local supply chain is to direct, not to manage.
We analyze the big picture for our brand and make lean purchasing with effective budget management.

" One of the most important departments of our brand, 'Logistics and Supply, purchases all the materials we need for quality and timely delivery of our products.

Logistics and supply completes the process of all the materials we need for production, from a small bolt to large engines, both from abroad and domestically, after making cost analysis and by managing time efficiently. Thus, it makes a significant contribution to the manufacturing of our products both in quality and on time.

To look at the picture from far, as a department, we manage the future, not the day, for a sustainable purchasing "