About Us

We started on our journey as TEKNOMAK İMALAT SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş. on October the 1st 1997 and have continued with successful projects since then.

With the aim to be leader in the asphalt sector, we started production on our OSTİM premises and in the beginning of 2007 we carried on production on our Keresteciler premises.

Since TEKNOMAK was established it has given particular importance to production engineering, R&D, using new technology, quality workmanship and after sales support. This attitude has gained a peak in customer satisfaction.

All of our products mechanical and electrical projects, software and documentation are solved and applied within our own organisation.

Along with our standard production we have customer orientated production and we perform specific projects.

Our TEKNOMAK flag is raised not only on domestic land but also in foreign land. Other than our principle production which includes Modified Plant (ModiTEK), Emulsion Plant (EmulTEK), Mechanical Plant (MechTEK) and Olethermic Heater (HeatTEK) and Electrically Heated Vertical Bitumen Tanks (EbitTEK) we have special machinery production and control systems used by our customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

TEKNOMAK is also the authorized supplier of the worlds asphalt plant leader, AMMANN.

We have a very successful past because our main concept is customer satisfaction and we have put this into our production.

Our mission; is to feed our knowledge and experience with ingenuity so as to preserve and maintain our leadership in the field. The sense of belonging, coordination and belief reflects to others. Communication and relationships are based on respect and trust. Our primary mission is to be happy and working with pleasure & motivation, and in this way incorporating our project partners into our happiness. Customer satisfaction is ensured from inner happiness and stability. To increase this awareness, the main element is to aim at working with absolute self will and acceptance.

Our Vision; is to stay at the peak of quality & trust, to undertake the determining and progressing role within our sector with every machine we produce and to apply and solve with environmentally friendly projects. With the consciousness that success is not only due to knowledge and experience alone, but also continuous efforts altogether; constitutes the first step of our vision for our full integration and to achieve unity with our customers. Our approach and firm stand on the quality of after sales services and spare parts supply, supports our sales success and is a valuable directive to our vision. Our future vision and aim is to become the asphalt plant service centre of the world.

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Confidence to CompanyYourself
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Sustainability, UnconditionalPleasure
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Love for The CompanyMotivation
  • We spoke to our personnel and would like to share their remarks about our company:
  • Everyone has the opportunity to retire from this company. Even go for second retirement…
  • Father, daughter, son have chance to work together…
  • The name TEKNOMAK is valuable, it can open doors. Not only in the sector, but also hotels, restaurants…
  • This company is mine, it’s nice working here…
  • Working at a company that has strong relations and references gives me confidence and strength…
  • When they give you responsibility, they trust you till the end of the task…
  • After you start in any department of the company, and/if they see that you are hardworking and worthwhile, you can be promoted in that department or to another department…
  • Your life will improve because the company is improving…
  • The company supports its products and technical service is strong. Customers are happy…
  • There is a humanist approach. They value people…
  • The wages and payments are always on time and regular…
  • Personnel rights are protected…
  • We are very enthusiastic with our desire for working with customers, relations and providing answers…
    It is a privilege to be a part of the leading company…
  • We organise activities to increase our intercompany compatibility. These activities maintain the integrity of our company.
  • We play bowling every two weeks. We have teams. We have a lot of fun. You can see how much fun we have when you look at our pictures. Our team names are very cheerful;
    • Wild Birds
    • Daltons
    • Bees & Butterflies
    • Ammann Style
    • Eagles
  • We have seminars. Training for sales techniques, communication and NLP. We both learn a lot and live the experience the pleasure and importance of doing something all together.
  • We publish a bulletin every four months. Explaining the projects we completed. So you have news about us & the sector and so you remember us…
  • We celebrate special days in special ways. For example, birthdays are celebrated within the company altogether with love.
  • We have project meetings. Each unit supervisor attends these meetings. We both evaluate the project and coordinate the tasks between the departments
  • We organize “chestnut grill” days. We chat at the fireside and in this way we create an atmosphere to be closer to each other.
  • We have quality based training.
  • We have workers health and safety based training.